Quiz: Daily GK Quiz 8(June,28. 2016)

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Here is our Daily Quiz, First Go through questions then try to do Quiz at bottom, which is based on these content and Check how much you have prepared for?

1.Who won the 20 -20 world cricket Championship in 2016
d)west Indies

2.Which among The Indian state Formed on 1st May 1960?
a) Maharashtra
b) Haryana
c) Karnataka
d) Madhya Pradesh

3.United Nations International female peacekeeper Award winner of 2014
b)Shakthi Devi
c)Kiran Bedi
d) none of these

4.The national fruit of Pakistan is
a) Mango
b) pineapple
c) banana
d) apple

5.The first bank in India got ISO certificates
a)State Bank of India
b) Bank of Baroda
c) Canara Bank
d) Axis Bank

6.The first planet to be discovered with a telescope was
a) Uranus
b) Pluto
c) Neptune
d) Mars

7.The northern most river in Kerala is
a) manjeswaram Puzha
b )Kanjirapuzha
c) Kunthipuzha
d )Bharathapuzha

8.The World radio Day is observed on
a) August 20
b) February 12
c) April 26
d) February 13

9.Which country will host the FIFA World Aquatics Championship 2017
b) hungary
c) Doha
d) Spain

10.Right to Information Act passed by the parliament in 2005 it came into force on
a )5th June 2005
b) 12th October 2005
c) 22nd June 2005
d) 15 November 2005

So What you think You Know the Answer, For These questions asked above, if you are confidence then why not try out Quiz, And Know your Status. I am sure you will love it.

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