India after Independence: Important for Kerala PSC

India after Independence

India after Independence

-Mahatma Gandhi was killed by Nathuram Godse (January30).
-C.Rajagopalachari appointed as the Governor Genaral of India.
-Death of Muhammed Ali Jinnah.

-Ceasefire in Kashmir
-New constitution of India adapted (Navember26)
-Reserve Bank nationalised.

-India became Republic (january26).
-Rajendra Prasad became first President of India.
-Suprime Court inagurated.
-Death of Sardar Vallabhai Patel.
-Death of Aurobindo gosh.
-Nehru – Liaqath pact on minorities.
-Planning Commission came in to being.

-Inaguration of five year plans
-First census of Independent India-First Genaral Election.
-Bharatiya janasamgh formed by syamaprasad Mukherjee

-First general election completed.
-Rajyasabha and Loksabha came to being.
-G.V Mavlankar became the first Speaker.
-NDC formed.
-Family planning programes lunched.

-New state of Andhra inaugurated.
-Mount Everest scaled by Tensing Norgay and Edmund Hillary.

-Pondicherry, Kerala, Mahi, Yanam incorporated in to India from French.
-India and China signed panchaseel agreement.

-Film patherpanjali released.
-Avadi session of the Congress,Socialism was adopted by Congress.
-Hindu marriage act was passed.

-Nationalisation of Life Insurance Companies.
-Hindu succession act was passed.
-Linguistic states formation act passed and 14 linguistic states formed.
-India became the first Asian country to reach the semi finals of the Olympic foot ball    tournament.
-Inaguration of second five year plan.
-Death of B.R Ambedkar.

-Second genaral election held.
-Introduction of the decimal system of coinage.
-First communist Government came to being in Kerala.
-India”s first Atomic reactor Apsara inagurated

-Indroduction of the Metric system of weight.
-Death of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad.
-Mihir sen first Indian to cross the English Channel.
-Nation wide Panchayathiraj launched.

-Dalai La Ma enters Indian territory.
-First President rule is imposed against Kerala.
-First arrival of any US President ,Dwight D Eisenhower in India.

-Meeting of the Afro-Asian Conference
-Bombay bifurcated in to Maharashtra and Gujarat state.
-Signed Indus water treaty with Pakisthan.

-India first aircraft carrier INS Vikrant commissioned.
-India occupies portugese enclaves of Goa Daman and diu.
-Arrival of Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh at New Delhi.

-The war between India and China.
-Third general Election in India.
-S.Radhakrishnan became the second President of India.

-Death of Rajendra prasad.

– Death of jawahar lal Nehru.
– Lal Bahadur shastri became the second prime minister of india.
– CPI splits into CPI and CPI(M).

-Indo-Pakistan war in the Rann of kutch.
-Hindi is declared the official language of India.

-Signed Tashkent agreement by Lal Bhadur Shastri and Ayoobkhan.
-Death of Lal Bahadur Shastri at Tashkant.
-Indira Gandhi became the first women Prime Minister of India.
-Reita faria is crowned Mis world.
-Death of HomiJahangir Baba in an Air-crash.
-Mihirsen swim across English Chanal.

-Fourth genaral Election,Congress wins majority.
-Dr.Zakir hussain became the first muslim president of india.
-Death of Ram Manohar Lohia.

-Hargovind Khurana shares Nobal Price for Medicine and Physiology.
-Green Revolution inagurated.
-Indias first overseas test series win agains newzealand.

-Death of Zakir Hussain.
-14 banks nationalised.

-Indira Gandhi adressed the silver jubliee session of United Nations.
-Privy pureses and special privileges of former Indian rulers abolished.
-Death of C.v Raman.

-Fifth genaral Election ,Indira Gandhi is re-elected Prime minister.
-Second Indo-Pakistan War.
-Indian Army in East Pakistan in support of Mukti Bahini fiting for Indipendence.
-Bangaladesh is born and recognised by India.
-India Gandhi receives Bharat ratna.

-Indira Gandhi and Zulfikar Ali Bhuto signed Simla party.
-India and Bangladesh sign a 25 year treaty of friendship,co-operative and peace.
-Death of C.Rajagopalachari.

-Sum Manekshaw became India”s first Field Marshal.
-Coal Mines nationalised.
-Foreign Exchange Regulation Act (FERA) passed.

-India”s first Atomic bomb code-named “Smilling Budha”experimented at Pokran in Rajastan.
-Fakrudhin Ali Ahamed elected President of India.

-Death of Dr.S R Radhakrishnan.
-First artificial satellite of India , Aryabhatta lunched.
-National emergency declared.

-Indo-Srilanka boundary pact signed.
-42nd amendment of Indian constitution.

-Death of Fakrudhin Ali Ahamed.
-National emergency officially withdrawn.
-Indira Gandhi defeated in Raebareli.
-First non -congrss ministry came to power (Janata Party).
-Morarji Desai became the Prime Minister of India.
-N Sanjive Reddy elected unopposed as President of India.
-India and Banglades sign Farakka agreement on water sharing.

-Indian coast guard is setup.

-Morarji Desai resigns in order to avoid facing a no -confidence motion.
-Death of Jayaprakash Nrayan.
-Mother Teresa wins Nobel peace Prize.

-Indira Gandhi storms back to power.
-Mother Tereasa awarded Bharat Ratna.
-Sanjay Gandhi died in an air crash .
-Mandal commission report tabled.

-APPLE ,India”s satellite lunched.
-Khalistan activists highjack indian airlines Boeing 737 to Lahore.

-Indian team of 21 members landed on Antarctica.
-Death of Acharya Vinobabhave.
-Palace on wheels begins its journey.
-Indisa hosts the 9th Asian games in New Delhi.

-Richard Attenborough”s film Gandhi wins 8 Oscars
-Bhanu Athaiya is the first indian to win an Oscar.
-Indian cricket team led by Kapil dev lifts the Prudential world cup.

-Operation Blue star is longed.
-Indira Gandhi is assassinated by two security guards.
-Bachendri pal is the first Indian women on top of Mount Everest.
-Rakesh Sarma became India”s first Astronaut.
-Bhopal gas tragedy.
-P.T Usha becomes the first Indian women to apper in an Olympic final.

-Indira Gandhi National open University (IGNOU) established.
-52nd amendment of Indian constitution (Anti defection bill).

-Pop John palul second arived in New Delhi.
-First Indian Test Tube Baby born in Bombay (Harsha).
-Genaral K.M Kariappa is conferred the rank of fieled Marshel.

-INS Virad commissioned in Indian Navy.
-Death of Salim Ali.
-Goa became the 25th state of India.
-Viswanathan Anand becames India”s first Grand Master.

-Prithvi , the first tectical surface to surface short range ballistic missile test-fired.
-Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) established.
-Morarji Desai is bestored the title of Nashan -e – Pakistan.

-Ram Janma Bhoomi foundation ston laid at Ayodya.
-The constitution (61st amendment)act lowers the voting age from 21 to 18 .
-Agni the first surface to surface to surface intermediate range ballistic test – fired.

-FIR registered in Bofors Kickbacks case.
-Akash the first surface to air medium range missile test fired.
-Mandal commission report on reservation implemented.

-Rajive Gandhi was assassinated.
-Sathyajith ray awarded special Oscar.
-New Economic Policy(NEP) implimented.

-The Domes of Babari Masjid Ayodhya demolished by Fanatics.
-Death of Sathyajith Ray.

-Death of J .R.D Tata.

-Susmitha Sen is Miss Universe.
-Aiswarya Roy selected Miss World.
-Rupee becomes fully convertible on current account.

-India becames amember of WTO.
-Death of Morarji desai.
-VSNL longes internet acces service.

-Death of N .Sanjiva Reddy.
-T.N Scshan wins Magsaysay award.
-Death of Aruna Asafali.
-Leanderpacs wins a brones at the Atlanta Olympics.

-INS Vikrant Decommissioned from Indian Navy.
-K.R.narayanan aworn in President of india.
-Death of Mother Teresa.
-Arundathi Roy wins Booker Prize.

-Sonia Gandhi takes over as Congress President.
-India conducts operation Sakthi.
-Amarthya Sen wins the nobel prize for economics.

-Prime Minister Vajpayee arives in Pakistan by Delhi Lahore bus.
-Ocean Sat – 1 launched by PSLV-C II Kargil war.
-The Darjeeling Himalayam railway is included on the UNESCO list of world heritage sites.

-US President Clinton visits India.
-Film star Rajkumar was abducted by Veerappan.
-Karnam Malleswary wins a bronze medal at sydney Olympics.
-Jharkhand, the 28th state is born(Nov 15).
-Viswanathan Anand becomes world Chess Cham poins.

-India and Bangladesh starts train service .
-14th census of India begins.
-Koodiyattam recieves UNESCO approval.
-Agra summit signed betwwen India and Pakistan.
-PSLV -3C successfully loanched.

-The Indian railways bans smoking in trains.
-Flag code amendment passed.
-Poto will passed.
-A.P.J Abdul Kalam became the 12th President of India.
-MET – SAT (Kalpana -1)put in orbit

-BrahMos super sonic Anti-Ship Cruise test fired.

-Major R.S.Rathore wins Olympic silver medal EDUSAT Launched.
-Death of Narasimharao.

-Sania Mirza becames the first ever Indian women to win a WTA event.
-National knowledge commission launched .
-The Right  information Act coms into effect except in Jmmu and Kashmir
-Death of K.R .Narayan.

-President of  China Ho-Jintao visit India.
-Prevention of  Child Marriage Bill passed.

-14th SAARC summit at New Delhi.
-Agni IIIrd successfully test-fired
-Saras, Prototypev of  India”s first commercial civilian Air craft made its maiden flight.

-Sister Alfonsamma elevated as a saint .
-Chandrayan successfully as a saint.
-Indo – Us nuclear Pact signed.
-Death of Babha Amte.

-India launches its first nuclear submarine,INS Arihant.
-India Successfully test-fires its nuclear capable Dhanush Missile.
-NREGA renamed as Mahatma Gandhi Rural Employement Guarantee Program.

-Death of Jyothi Basu.
-Death of  Dr.K.M.Raj.
-Delhi is the venue of 2010 commen games.
-Rajyasabha passed women reservation Bill .
-Tejaswini Swant become the first Indian women shooter to win a gold medal at the world champianship.

-India won ICC Cricket world cup.
-The first socio Economic Census started in free India

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