Revision Power Hour

Revision Power Hour

Revision Power Hour

How do you do a Revision Power Hour?

I’ve outlined how to do a revision power hour in the infographic. Below, I’ve written out how to do it with some helpful links to make it easier for you to get started.

1. Choose a past paper question

Google your subject,level and exam board e.g. “Geography A-Level Past Paper AQA ”

2. Revise

spend 20 minutes revising what you need to know to answer the question.

3. Do the question

Set the timer again for 20 minutes and answer the past paper question you chose.

4. Mark your answer

Use the mark scheme you found in step 1 to mark your work.

This step is crucial. If you really want to excel in your exams you need to be able to think like an examiner.

5. Get feedback

If you’re unsure of how accurate your marking is or you want to know how you can improve show your work to your teacher. Ask them for feedback on how to improve.

Again, this step is really important if you want to make continuous improvements to your exam technique (and therefore your marks) during the revision period.


What if I run out of past papers?

This can happen if you do a lot of power hours.

However, when you’ve done that many past papers you’re in a great position. By now, you should be able to think like an examiner and it will be easy to invent your own questions. I’ve got a resource that will show you just how to do that.

When you do revision power hours consistently you will soon see your marks and your confidence increase. You’ll be walking into all your exams with your head held high, impatient to show off what you can do!

Get your own copy of the infographic and instructions

I’ve created a special download for you that contains the infographic and the detailed instructions. You can download it, then print it and stick it somewhere useful when you click here.

What are you waiting for?

I’ve shown you how to revise effectively for both your GCSEs and A Levels. Now it’s over to you. Make a commitment to yourself to do your first power hour in the next 24 hours. I promise you it will feel good!