Important teachings, Dates & Books of Sree Narayana Guru

Sree Narayana Guru

Important teachings, Dates & Books of Sree Narayana Guru

important teachings of Sree Narayana Guru which have  universal relevance are the following:

1) “One caste, one religion, one God for man”  

2) “One in kind, one in faith, one in God is man, of one same womb, one same form, difference none there is at all”

3) “Whatever be the religion of a man, it is enough if it makes him virtuous”

4) “Ask not,  say not, think not caste”

5) “Acts that one performs for one’s own sake should also aim the good of others”

6) “Liquor is poison, make it not, sell it not, drink it not”

7) “ Gain freedom through education”

8) “Gain strength through organization”

9) “Gain prosperity through Industry”IMPORTANT DATES IN THE LIFE OF SREE NARAYANA GURU


              28.08.1855  (1031 Chingam 14, Chathayam ) Born  Vayalvaram house in Chempazhanty (This is the date accepted by Sivagiri Mutt).

              1860 Initiation to Education by Kannakara Mootha Narayana  Pillai.

              1860 – 1877 Primary Education in a local school and at home from his father Madan Aasan, and uncle Krishnan Vaidyan – lonely meditations, wandering habits, acquires the name “ Nanu Bhaktan”.

              1877 – 1880 Higher Education at Kayamkulam, Puduppally, under Kummampalli Raman Pillai Aasan-Boarding and lodging at Varanappalli.

              1880 – 1888 Roaming about  in different parts of India.  Friendship with Chattambi Swamy – Yoga training from Thykkad Ayyavu-Penance at Maruthvamala – Vision of God – Becomes Narayana Guru and emerges at Aruvippuram.  The first disciple Sivalinga Dasa Swamy joins.

              1888 – 1891 Installation of Shiva Lingam at Aruvippuram on Sivaratri night of (Kumbham)(12.03.1888)   The first message to humanity in connection with this, “Jaathi bhedam……….” is declared-Starting of Aruvippuram Temple Association.

              1891 – 1897 Disciples like Bhairavan Swamy, Nischalananda Swamy, Chaithanya Swamy, Kumaran Aasan, Dr. Palpu, C.V Kunju Raman, and Moolur Padmanabha Panikkar, Paravoor Kesavan Aasan etc. are accepted.

              1897 Composition of Atmopadesa Shathakam.

              1901 Declared as a sublime Religious Reformer through the Govt. Census Report.  By this time, Guru’s name had spread from Kanyakumari to Mangalapuram.   

              07.01.1903  Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam established.

              1904 The Govt. exempts the Guru from appearing in courts. Ayyankali visits the Guru.  Founding of Sivagiri Mutt.

              1905 The first All India Industrial and Agricultural Exhibition at Kollam on the third anniversary of SNDP.

              1907 Felicitation by Theosophical Society at Kozhikkod-Indisposed and taking rest at Palakkadu

              (13.02.1908) Consecration of Thalasseri Jagannadha Temple

              (13.04.1910 Kozhikkod SreeKanteswaram Temple

              30.04.1912  Sivagiri Sharada Mutt,

              1912  Aluva Advaithashram. Ayyappan Pillai (Satya Vrathan), Sahodaran Ayyappan, T.K. Madhavan etc., become disciples.  

              (21.02.1913 Mangalapuram Gokarnanadha Temple

              11.04.1916) Kannur Sundareswaram Temple.


              1916 The Guru’s Shashti Poorthi (60 Years) celebrated all over  Kerala, and in places like Madras, Bombay, Kolkatta, Coimbatore  and Madhurai and in other nations like Singapore, Sree Lanka, Burma & Malaysia.  Declaration that he has no caste.  Meeting Ramana Maharshi  at Thiru- annamalai.

              1918 The first visit to Sree Lanka. The Guru wore saffron clothes for the first time. Founding of 42 night-schools in Sree Lanka and Vignanodayam Sabha in Colombo.

              13.05.1921  Installation of lamp at Karamukku temple.

              1921 Installation of plaque with Satyam, Dharmam, Daya, Shanti, written on it.

              1921 Anti- liquor slogan as birthday message –

              1921   Composing “Jati Nirnayam”. All Kerala Brotherhood Association meeting in Advaithashram-message supporting inter-caste marriages and inter-caste dining.

              22.11. 1922 Viswakavi Ravindranath Tagore and C.F.Andrews visit the Guru at Sivagiri.

              24.01.1924  Jan 24th The first All Religions’ Meet  in Asia at Aluva Advaithashram.

                1924      March Starting of Vaikkam Satyagraha.

              1925   Thulam 15th Foundation laying of Brahmavidyalayam at Sivagiri.

                          March 12th   Visit of Mahatma Gandhi, C. Rajagopalachari, E.V Ramasami Naickar.

              Kanni 11th Appointment of Bodhananda Swami as legal successor-

              Medam 20th Registration of the Guru’s will.

              01.09.1926  Second visit to Ceylon.

12.03.1927 Installation of the Guru’s metal statue at Thalassery  by Bodhananda


              14.06.1927  Installation of mirrors with Om Santhi at Kalavamkodam

              1928 Jan 9th  Founding of Sree Narayana Dharma Sangham

              Jan 16th  Granted permission to  Sivagiri Pilgrimage-Guru is indisposed.  Journey to Palakkadu, Madras, Trichur, Kochi.

              May  Rest at Sivagiri

              May 20th  Nataraja Guru was sent abroad for higher studies

              July  Swamy Dharma Theerthar receives Sanyasa deeksha

              August Swamy Ananda Theerthar(last disdiple) receives Sanyasa deeksha.

              20.09.1928 Thursday, at 3.30 pm Mahasamadhi at Vaidika Mattom in Sivagiri.

These books could be categorized into five. They are

(1) Devotional Songs

(2) Philosophical Books

(3) Books of Proclamations

(4) Translations and

(5) Prose.

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