Indian Father’s: Important for Kerala PSC Exam

Indian Father’s: Important for Kerala PSC Exam

Indian Father’s

Indian Father’s: Asked in Various Kerala PSC Exam and State PSC, If you are preparing for any Government Exam You must remember these Indian Father’s name.We tried to include as much as the possible name of father’s if we missed someone and you remember then feel free to share those Father’s name in Comments box bellow.

• Father of Indian Green Revolution
ANS :Dr . Ms .Swaminathan

• Father of Modern Indian Army
ANS:Maj . Stringer Lawrance

• Father of Indian Trade Union Movement
ANS:N .M.Joshi

• Father of Economic Planning in India?
ANS:P.C. Mahalanobis

• Father of Bengali Cinema
ANS:Dhirendranath Ganguly

• Father of Indian Paediatrics
ANS:Dr.George Coelho

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• Father of Indian Missile Technology
ANS:Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam

• Father of Indian Renaissance
ANS:Raja Ram Mohan Roy

• Father of Indian History

• Father of Indian Atom Bomb
ANS:Dr.Raja Ramanna

• Father of Indian Unrest
ANS:Balagangadar Tilak

• Father of Indian Circus
ANS:Vishnupant Vinayak Chatre

• Father of Indian Cinema
ANS:Dhundiraj Govind Phalke(Data Sahebe Phalke)

• Father of Indian Mountaineering
ANS:Major Nanda Jayal

• Father of sports Education In India

• Father of Indian Remote Sensing

• Father of Local Self-Government
ANS:Lord Rippon

• Father of white Revolution
ANS:Vargheese Kurian

• Father of Indian Planning

• Father of Indian Space Technology
ANS:Dr.Vikram Sarabayi

• First of Indian Telecom Revolution
ANS:Sam Pitroda

• Father of Indian Chemistry
ANS:Acharya Prafule Chandra Ray

• Father of Indian Industry

• Father of Indian Archaeology
ANS:Alexander Cunningham

• Father of Indian Ship Industry
ANS:V.O Chidambaram Pillai

• Father of Indian Geography
ANS:James Rennell

• Father of Indian Co-Operative Movement
ANS:Frederic Nicholson

• Father of Bengali Prose
ANS:Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar

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• Father of Geology
ANS:D.N Wadia

• Father of Civil aviation

• Father of Indian Painting
ANS:Nandalal Bose

• Father of Library and Information Science

• Father of Undivided India
ANS:Balagangadara Tilak

• Father of Indian Railway

• Father of Bengali science Fiction
ANS:Sir.Jagadish Chandra Bose

• Father of Carnatic style of Music
ANS:Purandara Dasa

• Father of Indian Nuclear Science
ANS:Homi J Bhabha

• Father of Indian Journalism
ANS:M.Chalapathi Rao

• Missile women of India
ANS:Tessy Thomas

• Father of Epigraphy
ANS:James Princep

• Father of Archeology
ANS:Alexander Cunningham

• Father of Politics
ANS:Dadabhai Naoroji

• Father of Indian Printing

Lit is not over, It will be added soon. If you have any name share that in comment box bellow, we will love to add them.