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Kasargod District

Kasargod District

Important points – Kasargod District

  • Kasargod is the last formed district in Kerala.
  • Formed in 1984 May 24
  • Kasargod became part of Kannur district of  Kerala at the time of formation of Kerala in November 1, 1956.
  • Also known as  “Sapthabhasha Sangamabhoomi” as seven major languages are spoken here.
  • Kasaragod is known as the Land of Gods.
  • Kasargod district shares boundary with Karnataka state.
  • Only district of Kerala where Thulu and Byari languages are used.
  • The only district in Kerala where Yakshagana is performed.
  • The northern most district in kerala.
  • The northern most river in Kerala – Manjeshwaram Puzha
  • Northermost lake in Kerala –  Uppala
  • The district in Kerala in which most number of rivers flow – Kasargod.
  • Shortest river in Kerala – Manjeshwaram Puzha (16km)
  • The river which flows in ‘U’ shape around Kasargod town – Chandragiri puzha
  • Longest river in Kasargod district- Chandragiri puzha(105 km)
  • Payaswini puzha is the tributary of Chandragiri puzha.
  • Ranipuram hill station is in Kasargod.
  • Ranipuram is known as the ‘Ooty of Kerala’.
  • The only man-made forest in Kerala is Kareem Forest in Kasargod.
  • Ananthapura Lake Temple is a 9th century temple situated  in Kasaragod district. It is the only lake temple in the State.
  • Kasargod was part of the Kumbala Kingdom in which there were 64 Tulu and Malayalam villages.
  • Kasaragod was known to the Arabs by the name Harkwillia.
  • Kasargod district has most number of forts in Kerala.
  • Bakel_Fort_Kasaragod
  • Bakel Fort is the largest fort in Kerala.
  • Chandragiri fort and Bekkal fort are considered to be part of a chain of forts constructed by Sivappa Naik in the 17th century.
  • Hosdurg Fort is a fort in Kanhangad in Kasaragod district.
  • Somashekara Nayaka‘ from the Keladi Nayaka dynasty of Ikkeri built Hosdurg fort.
  • Kasaragod has also been fatally affected by indiscriminate use of the pesticide Endosulphan.
  • Enmakaje‘ is a great malayalam fiction novel of Ambikasuthan Mangad about Endosulphan victims in Kasargod.
  • Operation Blossom Spring was launched to dispose the obsolete stocks of endosulfan lying in the godowns of the Plantation Corporation of Kerala estates in Kasaragod district.
        • Leading producer of arecanut in Kerala.
        • Kasargod is the only tobacco producing district in Kerala.
        • Central Plantation Crops Research Institute is located at Kasaragod.
        • Kayyur revolt was in the year 1941. ‘Meenamaasathile Sooryan’ is a malayalam movie based on the Kayyur Revolt.
        • Kasargod is the first bio district in Kerala.
        • First fully Blood Donation Panchayat in Kerala – Madikai (Kasargod).
        • Kasargod was declared as second ‘Zero Landless District‘ of Kerala in 2016.
        • Manjeswaram is the the first e-payment panchayat in kerala.
        • First gramapanchayat in Kerala to win Nirmal Gram Puraskar – Pilicode in 2005.
        • First chief minister of Kerala E.M.S was elected from Nileshwaram in Kasargod.
        • First person to be elected unopposed in the Assembly elections  – Umesh Rao from Manjeswaram in 1957.
        • Central University of Kerala was established in 2009 in Kasargod.
        • Central University of Kerala at Kasargod had set up a chair in the name of Mahatma Ayyankali (First in Kerala) in 2013.
        • Cheemeni Thermal Power plant is in Kasargod disrict.
        • Second open jail in kerala was situated in Cheemeni, Kasargod.
        • Malik Dinar Mosque is a historical mosque in Kasaragod district.
        • Kanwatheertha beach is in Kasargod district.

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