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Kerala Police Constable Exam Model Question Paper

Kerala Police Constable Exam Model Question Paper

❓ The synonym of `enormous’ is
( A) Unsteady,( B) heavy, (c) huge, (D) light
❓The synonym of country is
( A) competent, (B) opposite ,(C) same, (D) blunder
❓ The antonym of frequent is
( A ) rare, (B) often, (C )maximum, (D) normal
❓ the antonym of optimistic is
( A) pensive,( B )gay, (C) dear, (D) pessimistic
❓ I____ all the rooms before left the house.
( A) have looked, (B) looked, (C) are looking, (D) was looked
❓ I__ The manager at seven° clock tomorrow morning
( A) meet,( B ) meets, (C) shall meet, (D) am meeting
❓ We____ how to solve the problem
( A) did do, (B) tell, (C) don’t know, (D) told
❓ How long ___ the journey take
( A) is, (B) is going to, (C) will, (D) ago
❓ The correctly spelt word is
( A) simultneous, (B) saimultaneous, (C) simultaneous, (D) simutlanios
❓ Leela and Reena are the sisters___ love everybody
( A) Whom , (B) Who , (C) Which, (D) Whose
❓ ___ funny you are
( A) How , (B) What , (C) Who , (D) Which
❓The members discussed ____ matter elaborately.
( A) about, (B) Of , (C) The , (D) For
❓ The opposite of abound is
( A) Increase, (B) Lack, (C) Pure, (D) Cannel
❓ ‘Immediate’ means
( A) Distant , (B) Remote , (C) Near, (D) Sudden
❓ Kerala is the most literate state in India. Its positive degree is.
( A) Few other state are as literate as Kerala ,
(B) Most state are as literate as Kerala ,
(C) No other state in India is as literate as Kerala ,
(D) Most state are more literate than Kerala )


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