Sports GK


Sports GK 

How many players are there in one team of Water Polo

Ans:6 Players

First Asian Games held in which nation

Ans:New Delhi 1951

Barcelona open was lifted by

Ans:Rafael Nadal from Spain beating Dominic thiem Australia

Russian Grand Prix was recently won by

Ans: Valtteri Bottas

Which country won 26th edition of Sultan Azlan Shah Cup Hockey tournament

Ans:Great Britain defeating Australia

Indian players Chef Thapa belongs to which Sports


Which player has recently made the record of highest wicket taker in women’s one-day international

Ans:Jhulan Goswami; 181 wickets in 153 matches

World para-athletics Grand Prix recently conducted in which nation

Ans: China

Which team won 7th Junior National Hockey championship 2017 women

Ans:Hockey Him (Himachal) defeating hockey Mizoram

The mascot of22nd Asian Athletic Championship is

Ans:Olly Turtle

Spanish Grand Prix Formula 1 Championship is recently won by

Ans:Lewis Hamilton

Who has won Italian Open Women’s Single Title 2017

Ans:Elina Svitolina of Ukraine

Which team has won 10th edition of IPL

Ans:Mumbai Indians defeating rising Pune supergiant

Which football club won Europa League title

Ans:Manchester United defeating Ajax Amsterdam

Sudirman cup belongs to which sports


Which state became the champion at National Youth Athletic Meet

Ans:Haryana defeating Kerala

First Commonwealth games held in 1930 at

Ans:Hamilton, Canada

Jaspal Singh Rana is a distinguished athlete of which game


India first took part in Olympics game in year

Ans: 1920

Which game uses the term scoring a Cannon

Ans: Billiards

How many players are there on each side in a baseball match?


Ashes is the term associated with which of the following sports?


Which of the following countries won the Under-19 Cricket World Cup held in 2012?


Indian first took part in the Olympic Games in the year


The last World Cup Soccer Tournament of this century is going to be held in


In which country FIFA 2014 world cup is proposed to be held?


The great lawn tennis player Bjorn Borg is from which country?


The famous woman athlete Marian Jones is from which of the following countries?


With which one of the following games is the Hopman Cup associated?

Ans:Lawn Tennis

In Basket Ball, how many players are there in each side?


Who among the following has created history by winning first ‘Grand Slam’ (Wimbledon) for India?

Ans:Sania Mirza

Saurav Ganguli is associated with which of the following games/sports?


With which sport is the term ‘Caddle’ associated?


Which new championship was introduced in the last Commonwealth Games held in Malaysia?


Who won the Asia Cup Hockey Tournament?

Ans:South Korea

Who won the IPL – 6 Trophy?

Ans:Mumbai Indians

Recently which country was awarded the associate membership of International cricket council (ICC)?


The Olympic Association of India gets its grants from

Ans:Sports Authority of India

Rehan Poncha is a well known sportsman in which one of the following sports?


Which one of the following Cups/ Trophies is not awarded for football?

Ans:Shivanti Gold Cup

Which country will host Cricket World Cup 2019

Ans: England

Naidu cup belongs to which game


Hook pass terminology belongs to which sports


The distance of a marathon run is

Ans:26 miles 385 yards

Hockey is the national sports of

Ans:India and Pakistan

Eden Gardens cricket stadium as in


Number of players in one team of Kho Kho are


Football was inducted as a competitive game in Olympics in year


Somdev Devburman, who has recently announce retirement belongs to which game/sports

Ans:Lawn Tennis

Who has won the first ever all Indian boys under 19 final at British Junior Open Squash Tournament

Ans:Velavan Senthilkumar

Magnus Carlsen, the distinguished chess player belongs to which country


Who has won Men’s Single Title of Qatar Open Tennis Championship 2017

Ans:Novak Djokovic from Siberia defeating Andy Murray

45 which Chinese E-Commerce firm has become top sponsor of Olympic Games through 2028

Ans:Alibaba group

Who has been named the world’s best player at the inaugural best FIFA football awards 2016 in Zurich Switzerland

Ans:Cristiano Ronald

Which football player has been voted as the best playmaker in the world for 2016 –

Ans:Lionel Messi

National Sports of China is

Ans:Table Tennis

Canada Cup belongs to which sports


Westchester Cup belongs to


Ghulam Ahmed Trophy belongs to which sports