Women’s Quota or Reservation Bill

Women's Quota Bill

Women’s Quota or Reservation Bill

Every government has introduced the bill but never delivered on its promise .

What is Women s Reservation bill all about ?
It seeks to reserve one -third seats in Lok Sabha and state assemblies for women , by rotation.

former PM Rajive Gandhi had introduced the concept in 1989 when he proposed 33% quota in panchayat and municipal bodies , a constitutional amendment was passed four years later.

The Deve Gowda government introdused a bill to extend these quotas to Lok Sabha and assembly election in 1996 .

What’s the current status of the bill ?
The UPA government joined hands with the BJP and the left to get the bill passed by the Rajya Sabha in 2010 .

The UPA , however , did not push the bill hard enough in Lok Sabha and it lapsed . The NDA will have to bring in a fresh bill .

So why hasn’t it been passed yet ?
Male politicians have reservations on the law that would reduce the number of seats they can contest .

On record , the SP , RJD and BSP – that do not have many women politicians in their ranks – want a quota .

Quota: That is 27% of all women seats should be reserved for OBC women , 15% for SCs and 7.5% for STs.

How many women are there is the Lok Sabha ?
Women number in Lok Sabha has grown from 5% in 1952 to over 11% in the 16th Lok Sabha , the highest so far.

This is the highest so far.

What s the future of the bill ?
The NDA government has the numbers to get it passed in the LS.

Congress has pledged to back it up in the RS.

You can read more about Women’s reservation bill here

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