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Formed on – November 1 , 1956

Population of AndhraPradesh: 49,386,799

Capital – Amaravathi

Rank by Area : 7th

Rank by Population : 10th

Legislature : Bicameral

Literacy Rate : 67.41%

Old Capital – Hyderabad

Major Language – Telugu

High Court – Hyderabad

Official Animal -Black Buck

Official Bird – Indian Roller

State Flower – Lotus

Official Dance – Kuchupudi ,Ottam

Major Festival – Dasara , Deepavali

Major Rivers – Godavari , Krishna

Major Lake – Kolleru

Airport – Visakhapattanam Airport, Sri Satyasai Airport at Puttaparthi

GK Quiz Questions on Andhra Pradesh History

1. How long the Kakatiya dynasty existed?

Answer : From 1163 to 1323

When did Andhra Pradesh formed as state of Indian union?

Answer : 1 October 1953

2. When Telangana was seperated from Andhra Pradesh?

Answer : 2 June 2014

3. By which act Hyderabad became the capital of both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana?

Answer : Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act 2014

4. Who founded the great Vijayanagara Empire in Andhra Pradesh in 1336?

Answer : Harihara and Bukka of Sangam Dynasty

5. Who founded the Reddy dynasty in the early of 14th century?

Answer : Prolaya Vema Reddy

What is the past capital of the Hoysala Empire?

Answer : Belur later Halebidu

6. What is the old name of Pedavegi?

Answer : Vengi

7. What were the capital of Satavahana dynasty?

Answer : Dharanikota and Amaravati

8. What was the great dynasty ruled the deccan region between 5th and 6th century?

Answer : Vishnukundina dynasty from 420 to 624 A.D

9. Who built the Kondaveedu Fort?

Answer : Both Rajas of Orissa and Reddy dynasty in 13th century

Nizam of Hyderabad belonged to which dynasty?

Answer : Asaf Zahi

Who was the last Nizam of Hyderabad?

Answer : Mir Osman Ali Khan

Which king was known by Pandyadhiraja?

Answer : Kadungon

The Shore Temple of Mahabalipuram is a great historic example built by which Pallaba king?

Answer : Narasimhavarman II

Which Chinese traveller visited during Pallaba rule?

Answer : Hiuen Tsang

What is the past capital of Chalukya dynasty?

Answer : Vatapi alternatively Badami

What is the past capital of the Pandyan dynasty?

Answer: Korkai Madurai

Who is the first king of Satavahana dynasty?

Answer : Simuka

GK Quiz Questions on Andhra Pradesh Geography,Symbols, Population,Education and Places

What is the total population in Andhra Pradesh?

Ans: According census 2011 total 49386799

What is the geographic location of Andhra Pradesh?

Answer : 16.50°N 80.64°E

10. Which state has the second largest coastline in India?

Answer : AndhraPradesh has a coastline of 974 kilometer

11. Which Indian state is to the north of Andhra Pradesh?

Answer : Chhattisgarh

What religious people has a majority in Andhra Pradesh?

Ans: Hindu 90%

What cities of Andhra Pradesh have been nominated for Smart Cities Mission under Union Ministry of Urban Development?

Ans: Visakhapatnam, Tirupati and Kakinada

12. Which Indian state is to the west of Andhra Pradesh?

Answer : Karnataka

What is the literacy rate in Andhra Pradesh?

Ans: 67%

Where is the Indian Space Research Organisation(ISRO) located?

Ans: Sriharikota, Nellor, Andhra Pradesh

Q.Where is the Indian Instutute of Science Education and Research(IISER)located?

Ans: Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh

Q.What is the sex ratio in Andhra Pradesh?

Ans: Male:Female=1000:996

Q.What district of Andhra Pradesh has the highest literacy rate?

Ans: West Godavari District 74.6%

Q.What district of Andhra Pradesh has the highest urban population?

Ans: Visakhapatnam 47.5%

13. Bay of Bengal is located to which direction of Andhra Pradesh?

Answer : East

How many districts are there in Andhra Pradesh?

Ans: 13

14. Which two regions covers the total thirteen districts of Andhra Pradesh?

Answer : a) Coastal Andhra b) Rayalaseema

15. Vijayawada is located on which river?

Answer : Krishna river

16. What is the geographical location of the largest and most populous city Visakhapatnam?

Answer : Its located at the coast of Bay of Bengal

17. Where is the Tirumala Venkateswara Temple is situated at?

Answer : Tirupati

18. What is the largest district in AndhraPradesh?

Answer : Anantapur

19. Araku valley is one of the best tourist destination located in which district?

Answer : Visakhapatnam

20. What is the state animal of Andhra Pradesh?

Answer : Blackbuck

21. What symbolise the state tree of Andhra Pradesh?

Answer : Neem

22. What symbolise the state emblem of Andhra Pradesh?

Answer : Poorna kumbham

23. What is the state dance of Andhra Pradesh that recognised one of the eight major classical dance in India?

Answer : Kuchipudi

24. What are the main rivers in Andhra Pradesh?

Answer : Krishna and Godavari rivers

25. Which religious people mostly reside in Andhra Pradesh?

Answer : Hindu 90%

GK Quiz Questions on Andhra Pradesh Polity and Personality

Which Telugu personality served as the Governor of Reserve Bank of India from 2003 to 2008?

Answer : Y. Venugopal Reddy

Which Chief Minister is known as Andhra Kesari(Lion of Andhra)?

Answer : Indian freedom fighter Tanguturi Prakasam

26. Who is the last and current Chief Minister of AP?

Answer : N. Chandrababu Naidu

27. Who is the current Governor of AP as of 2017?

Answer : E.S.L. Narasimhan

Who is the current Speaker of AndhraPradesh Legislative Assembly as of 2017?

Ans: Kodela Siva Prasad Rao(TDP Party)

Who is the leader of opposition party in Andhra Assembly?

Ans: YS Jagan Mohan Reddy(YSRCP party)

What is the basic structure of Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly?

Ans: It is bicameral

What is the lower house in Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly?

Ans: Vidhan Sabha

What is the upper house in Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly?

Ans: Vidhan Parishad

Who is the current Finance Minister of Andhra Pradesh?

Ans: Yanama Rama Krishnudu

Who is the Social & Tribal Welfare Minister of Andhra Pradesh?

Ans: Nakka Ananda Babu

Who is the Labour & Employment Minister in Andhra Pradesh?

Ans: Pithani Satyanarayana

Who is the Minister for Tourism, Language and Culture in Andhra Pradesh?

Ans: Bhuma Akhila Priya

Who is the Minister for Health in Andhra Pradesh?

Ans: Kamineni Srinivas

28. Who is the first Chief Minister of AndhraPradesh became the sixth President of India?

Answer : Neelam Sanjiva Reddy

Who is the personality from AndhraPradesh won the All England Open Badminton Championships 2001?

Answer : Pullela Gopichand

Q. Who is the longest serving Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh?

Answer : N. Chandrababu Naidu(1995-2004)

29. Which political party currently ruling in Andhra Pradesh?

Answer : Telugu Desam Party(TDP), it was founded by N. T. Rama Rao in 1982.

Who is the Minister for Education and Human Resource Development in Andhra Pradesh?

Ans: Ganta Srinivasa Rao

Who is the Deputy Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh?

Ans: K. E. Krishnamurthy

30. There are how many constituencies in AndhraPradesh state legislative assembly?

Answer : 175

31. How many seats AndhraPradesh represents in Rajya Sabha?

Answer : 11 seats

32. How many seats AndhraPradesh represents in Lok Sabha?

Answer : 25 seats

Who is the first Indian ever to win an Olympic medal?

Answer : Telugu woman Karnam Malleswari is the first to win bronze medal in weight-lifting in 2000 Sydney Olympic

He is an Indian film director, directed some world famous films such as Bahubali 1 and Bahubali 2 also won Padma Shri in 2016. Who is he?

Answer : Telugu director Srisaila Sri Rajamouli(S.S.Rajamouli)

He is a Telugu director and screenwriter won Dadasaheb Phalke Award in 2005, Padma Shri in 1976 and Padma Bhushan in 1991. Who is he?

Answer : Shyam Benegal

He is the first Indian Telugu personality received Bharatratna award in 1954 and served as the second President of India. Who is he?

Answer : Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

He is the fourth Indian President served as Governor of Karnataka, Kerala and UttarPradesh and awarded Bharatratna in 1975. Who is he?

Answer : Varahagiri Venkata Giri(Andhra Pradesh)

Who is the woman from Andhra Pradesh served as fourth Governor of West Bengal?

Answer : Padmaja Naidu daughter of former Chief Minister Sarojini Naidu

Who is the personality from Andhra Pradesh served as Chief of Indian Army from 1981 to 1983?

Answer : General K.V.Krishna Rao

Which famous Telugu personality is known as ‘Nightingale of India’?

Answer : Sarojini Naidu

GK Quiz Questions on Andhra Pradesh Economy

33. What is the rank of AndhraPradesh by gross domestic product(gdp) per capita income?

Answer : 16th

Q. What is the rank of Andhra Pradesh by Gross Domestic Product in India?

Answer : 10th

Q. Which state is known as “Rice Bowl of India”?

Answer : Andhra Pradesh

Q. How many agricultural economic zones in Andhra Pradesh?

Answer : Three, Chittoor district for mango pulp and vegetables, Krishna district for mangoes and Guntur district for chillies.

34. What is the gdp per capita income in AndhraPradesh in the year 2015-2016?

Answer : Rs 1007600

What is the Financial Capital of Andhra Pradesh?

Ans: Visakhapatnam

Q. Why Andhra Pradesh is known as “Egg Bowl of Asia”?

Answer : Because the state is the largest producer of egg in India

35. Economy of AndhraPradesh is mainly based on which major sector?

Answer : Agriculture

GK Quiz Questions on Andhra Pradesh Arts,Culture & Literature

36. Telugu literature was first influenced by which historical empire?

Answer : Vijaynagar Empire

What is Champu?

Answer : A mixture of telugu prose and poetry

37. Malliya Rechana is known for which part of Telugu literature?

Answer :  Telugu poem

Who are known as Kavi Trayam?

Ans: Nannaya, Tikkana and Yerrapragada

By which name India’s second largest Telugu film industry is known?

Answer : Tollywood

38. Which great author translated Mahabharata from Sanskrit to Telugu language?

Answer : Nannaya Bhattaraka

39. Who wrote Subhadra Kalyanam?

Ans: First female Telugu poet Tallapaka Tirumalamma

40. Who is the writer of Baala Vyaakaranamu?

Ans: Paravastu Chinnayasuri

41. He is a court poet of Vijaynagara empire and writer of Panduranga Mahatyamy. Who is he?

Ans: Tenali Ramakrishna

42. Which work of Kandujuri Veeresalingam was inspired by Oliver Goldsmith’s The Vicar of Wakefied?

Ans: Rajashekhara Charitamu

43. What is the state sport of AP?

Answer : Kabaddi

44. Who is the great Kuchipudi artist received PadmaShree, PadmaBhushan and PadmaBibhushan award consecutively in 1968, 2001 and 2016?

Answer : Yamini Krishnamurty

45. The great Telugu player M.V. Narasimha Rao is famous for which sport?

Answer : Cricket

46. Who is the first recipient of India’s highest literary Jnanpith Award in Telugu language?

Answer : Viswanatha Satyanarayana received this award in 1970

47. Where is India’s largest and longest Belum Caves located at?

Answer : Kurnool district

48. Who is the youngest lady ever became a Grand Master?

Ans: Koneru Humpy(Andhra Pradesh)

49. Who is the current Chief Justice of the High Court in Andhra Pradesh as of 2017?

Answer : Ramesh Ranganathan

50. Who was the first Chief Justice of the High Court in Andhra Pradesh?

Answer : Koka Subha Rao (1956-1958)