Daily GK Quiz 10 (June,30 2016)

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Here is our Daily Quiz, First Go through questions then try to do Quiz at bottom, which is based on these content and Check how much you have prepared for?

1. Name the Author of the Book ‘What happened to Netaji’
(Assi.Gr.II,kERALA fOREST Development Corporation 2016)
A) Anuj Dhar
B) Neel Kamal Prakash
C) Anu Kumar
D) Prakash Jha

2. The Head Quarters of National Intelligence Agency in Kerala?
(Assi. Gr. II,kERALA Forest Development Corporation 2016)
A) Kochi
B) Thiruvananthapuram
C) Kozhikode
D) Thrissur

3. Which among the following is a National park in Jammu &Kashmir?
(Assi.Gr.II,Kerala Forest Development Corporation 2016)
A) Dachigon National Park
B) Manas National Park
C) Kanha National Park
D) Rajain National Park

4.The Students are told to ………
A) look down
B) look up
C) look into
D) look after

5. He ……to help me and called me a fool.
A) refused
B) denied
C) offered
D) Thought

6. I need to buy…..
A) a bread
B) a loaf of bread
C) a loaf bread
D) breads

7. Had you told me earlier I……..the meeting
A) Had attended
B) Attended
C) have attended
D) Would have attended

8. The next term in the series Is:
A) 72
B) 50
C) 57
D) 62

9. How many teens,as per the Bic survey , do not own a pen?
A) 100
B) 800
C) 560
D) 500

10. In a Computer a byte generally consists of:
A) 10 bits
B) 4 bits
C) 8 bits
D) 16 bits

So What you think You Know the Answer, For These questions asked above, if you are confidence then why not try out Quiz, And Know your Status. I am sure you will love it.
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