Some facts about popular moments of Kerala

Some facts about popular moments of Kerala

Some facts about popular moments of Kerala


  • Aikya  Kerala movement  formed  with an aim  to  from a state by   merging  Malabar,  Kochi  and Travancore, on the linguistic base.
  • First     KPCC  president was K Madhavan Nair.
  • Ottapalam Conference of Kerala political parties laid  the foundation for Aikya  Kerala movement on 23rd   April 1921.
  • The  Payyanur political conference  was  held  in   May  1928.
  • This  session  demented the Kerala state on  linguistic base to  Central government.
  • K.P. Keshava Menon was the president of the sub committee formed  by  KPCC  for the ‘Aikya Kerala’ moment.
  • in 1947 under the leadership of K .  kelappan first  Aikya  Kerala Conference held  at Thrissur.
  • In 1952   June KPCC  was divided  into two , MPCC  and Thiru- Kochi Pradesh Congress Committee.
  • MPCC  means Malayalam Pradesh Congress Committee. its first president was  A.V. kuttimalu Amma.
  • K.R. Elankath was  the first President of ‘ Thiru- Kochi ‘  Pradesh Congress Committee.
  • Kerala state formed  in November 1st 1956 by amerging  Malabar, Kochi, Travancore.
  • Thovala ,Kalkulam ,Agastiswaram  ,Vilavamcode, Nilgiri Gudallur were Added with  Tamilnadu  and  Coorg given to Karnataka.
  • Kasaragod Taluk of south Canara District added  to Kerala .Lakhdives  remained  as  Union territory.
  • Orna Agitation( single Ana) was lunched in1958 Under the leadership of Kerala students Union against the  boat  charge  hike  in Alappuzha .
  • Kochi Rajya  Praja mandala  was Formed , In1941  under the leadership of V.R. Krishnan Eazhuthachan
  • First president of Praja Mandalam  was S. Neelakandan Iyar   and  secretary was V.R. Krishnan Eazhuthachan .

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Gandhiji in Kerala


  • Gandhiji  visited Kerala 5   times.
  • On 1920 August 18th Gandhiji’s first   visit to  Kerala Khilafat movement.
  • 1925 March 8 Gandhiji  visited Kerala for participating Viacom Satyagraha.
  • 1927 Gandhi visited Kerala for the part of  south- Indian visit.
  • 1934- Gandhiji  visited Kerala for Harijan  fund collection.
  • 1937- Gandhiji’s  last visit Kerala.
  • k.k.  Kelappan  is  known  as Kerala Gandhi.
  • I .K.Kumaran master is known  as  Mayyazhi Gandhi.
  • Payyanur Is known  as  second Bardoli.
  • Mahatma Gandhi University is located at Kottayam.
  • Kaumudi teacher  was the  lady from Vatakara                                                               who donated  her Gold ornaments  to  Gandhiji’s Harijan Revival fund.

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Gandhi and  prizes


  • The Gandhi Foundation  International peace award 2012 was  given to St. John of Jerusalem Eye  Hospital.
  • The Gandhi Peace Award 2012  Presented  to  Amy  goodman for her contribution for  promoting  truthful Journalism. This given by US  organisation promoting  enduring   peace .
  • Government of India  Launched the  International Gandhi Peace Prize  in 1995 on the occasion of the 125th  birth anniversary  of Gandhiji.
  • First  winner of international Gandhi Peace prize was  Julius Nyerere.
  • Last recipient of international Gandhi Peace prize was  Desmond Tutu  of  south Africa in 2005.
  • Gandhi development trust  Instituted  Mahatma Gandhi  peace  prize in in 2003.
  • 2012 Mahatma Gandhi Peace prize was  given to Dalai Lama.
  • Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan is the  only  organisation received Gandhi Peace prize.

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