General Knowledge Tips 1: Important Fact that You Should Know

General Knowledge Tips

General Knowledge Tips 1

Question 1: Which is the largest public sector bank in India?
Ans: SBI

Question 2: Vadakkunnathan Temple is located in Kerala at __?
Ans: Thrissur

Question 3: According to Reserve Bank of India’s latest study, which one of the following states ranks as the best performing state in most of the key fiscal parameters?
Ans: Chhattisgarh

Question 4: Kumaran Asan is associated with the social renaissance in which among the following current states?Ans: Kerala

Question 5: Who has won the 2016 Laureus World Sportsman of the Year Award?
Ans: Novak Djokovic

Question 6: Which American news agency won the 2016 Pulitzer for Publuc Service?
Ans: Associated Press

Question 7: Civil Services Day was observed in India on……?
Ans: 21 April

Question 8: National Panchayati Raj Day was observed on…..?
Ans: April 24 .

Question 9: International Mother Earth Day was observed on….?
Ans: 22 April

Question 10: The 2016 theme is…..?
Ans: “Trees for Earth”.

Question 11: World Book Copyright Day was observed on…..?
Ans: 23 April.

Question 12: English Language Day was also observed on…..?
Ans: 23 April

Question 13: Who won the singles title in the Barcelona Open?
Ans: Rafael Nadal, He is also the winner of the 2016 Monte Carlo Masters title.

Question 14: April 19 – 23 wasObserved Internationally as …week?
Ans: Global Soil Week

Question 15: Which of the following acts provides the constitution of IRDAI ?
ANS: Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority Act , 1999.

Question 16: Which of the following committees has recommended the constitution of IRDA?
ANS: R N Malhotra Committee.

Question 17: Who has resigned from the post of the president of Board of Control for Cricket in India?
ANS: Shashank Manohar.

Question 18: Which of the following banks has launched a cash bank campaign for its VISA debit cardholders recently ?
ANS: Karnataka Bank.

Question 19: Which of the following companies has bagged the 2015 Supplier of the year Awad by Boeing ?
ANS: Cyient .

Question 20: When were the sea harriers inducted in the Indian Navy ?
ANS: 1983.

Question 21: Which of the following acts has been amended by the Anti – Hijacking Bill , 2014 ?
ANS: Anti – Hijacking .

Question 22: Who has been appointed as the Vice President of Urabanclap ?
ANS: Amit Das .

Question 23: Where was the first emergency number system used in the world ?
ANS: Londen

Question 24: Which of the following Bank has launched the mVisa facility recently ?
ANS: State Bank of India .

Question 25:The blue colour of the clear sky is due to…….
ANS: Dispersion of light

Question 26:CT Scan is done by using….
ANS: X-rays

Question 27:Who has first time seen the micro organism?
ANS: Antonie van leeuwenhoekc

Question 28:Which instrument is used to measure the density of milk?
ANS: Lactometer

Question 29:Which branch of Medical Science deals with skin?
ANS: Dermatology

Question 30:Which vitamin is available to the human body through sun bathing?
ANS: Vitamin D

Question 31:Who invented Zero?
ANS: Indians

Question 32:Which is the hardest substance in the human body?
ANS: Tooth Enamel

Question 33:What type of machine was ENIAC ,built in 1946?
ANS: Computer

Question 34:Which lenses are used by the people having short – sightedness?
ANS: Concave

Question 35:Through which organ does a fish respire?
ANS: Gills

Question 36:Which of the following in the human body is affected by Leukemia?
ANS: Blood

Question 37:Name of the scientist who first declared that the earth around the sun?
ANS: Copernicus

Question 38:Rotavirus vaccine will help in improving which socio-economic indicator?
ANS: Female- Sex ratio

Question 39:In July 2010 ISRO used the vehicle for Launching 5 Satellites?