1. Janata Government introduced the concept of ……… in 1978?
Rolling Plan
2. The first Deputy chairman of planning commission was………..?
G.L. Mehta
3. ……….. is the head quarters of planning
Yojana Bhavan
4. According to 39th article of constitution, the planning commission was only a…………..body?
5. What is the idea of “Peoples plan”?
Nationalisation of all agricultural production and distribution
6. Who initiated peoples plan?
M.N. Roy
7. Who is the chairman of National Development Council of India?
The Prime minister of India
8. The National Development Council was set up in which year?
August 6, 1952
9. Which Authority gives final approval to plan in India?
National Development council
10. Who is the Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission of India?
Montek Singh Aluwalia
11. M. Visweswarayya was honoured by BharatRatna in the year?
12. Who wrote the book “planned Economy of India” ?
M. Visweswarayya
13. Who is named as the father of ”Indian Planning”?
M. Visweswarayya
14. The period of Eleventh Five Year plan?
15. The period of Tenth plan?
16. The period of Nineth plan?
17. Annual growth rate achieved by 8th plan?

18. What is the proposed growth rate annum of Eighth plan?
19. The period of Eighth Five Year Plan?
20. The period of Seventh Five Year Plan?
21. The Schemes Like TRYSEM, IRDP,NREP and RLEGP were introduced in sixth Five Year Plan on what objective?
Removing Poverty
22. What are the primary objective of sixth Five Year Plan?
Elinination of unemployment and poverty
23. The period of Sixth Plan is …….. :
24. The fifth Five Year Plan was terminated on ……… :
1978 (and Launched Rottery Plans)
25. The 20 point programmes were launched on which Five Year Plan and by whom :
5th Five Year Plan by Indira Gandhi
26. What is the major achievement of fifth Five Year Plan?
Self sufficiency in food grains
27. What is the slogan of fifth Five Year Plan?
“Garibi Hatao”(By Indira Gandhi)
28. The period of fifth five year plan ?
29. What is the reason for the failure of fourth Five Year Plan?
Indo Pak war in 1971
30. Nationalisation of Banks (1969) was a major step of which five year plan?
Fourth five year plan
31. What is the objective of fourth five year plan?
Growth with Stability
32. The period of fourth Five Year Plan?
33. What is the reason for declairing a plan holiday during 1966-1969?
War with Pakistan.
34. What are the reasons for the failure of third Five Year Plan?
The Chinese Agression on 1962, and the war with Pakistan on 1965
35. The period of Third Five Year Plan?                                                                        1961-66
36. The locomotive factory at Chitharanjan and coach factory at perambur were built during which five year plan?
Second Five Year Plan
37. Which plan adopted the Socialistic pattern of society at its goal?
Second Five Year Plan
38. The Rourkela Steel Plant in Orissa was built up with the help of :
39. The Bhilai steel plant is built up with the help of which country?
40. The Durgapur Steel plant was built with the help of which country?
41. The Three important steel plants in India that were build during second five year palan were?
The Durgapur (West Bengal), Bhilai Steel plant and Rourkela (Orissa).
42. Which plan is called Industrial and Transport Plan?
Second Five Year Plan
43. In what sector the second Five Year Plan gave Importance?
Industrial Development
44. What is the period of Second Five year Plan?
45. Bhakra Nangal, Hirakud and Damodar vally projects were laukechal on which five year plan?
First Five Year Plan
46. The first five year plan gave priority to ……… :
Agricultural development
47. The period of first five year plan ……. :
48. The Planning Commission was setup on …….. :
March 5, 1950
49. Who is the ex-officio Chairman of Planning
The Prime Minister
50. The concept of planning based on Russion model by ………:
Joseph Stalin.
51. First Indian woman to win Miss World Title :
Reita Faria (1966)
52. First Indian Beauty to win Miss Universe :
Susmitha Sen
53. First woman project director of DRDO�s Agni
II Project :Tessy Thomas
54. First Indian Lady to Scale Mt.Everst Twice :
Santhosh Yadav
55. First Indian woman to climb Mt.Everst :
Bachendri Pal
56. First Indian lady who got a medal in Olympics :
Karnam Malleswari
57. First India lady who got gold medal in Asian games :
Kamaljith sindhu(1970)
58. First Indian Lady to swim English Bay :
Arati Saha(1959)
59. First lady election commissioner in India :
60. First lady Rajyasabha secretary in India :
61. First Indian lady Chairman of Indian National
Congress :
Sarojini Naidu
62. First Indian President of UN�s General Assembly :
Vijayalaxmi Pandit(1953)
63. First Indian women to enter space :
Kalpana Chawla
64. First woman speaker of state assembly in India :
Shanno Devi
65. First Lady speaker in Legislative Assembly in India :
Sushila Naiyar
66. First women to perform in United Nations :
67. First woman who got Ramon Magsasay
Award in India :
Kamaladevi Chattopadhyaya
68. First Indian Lady who got Padmasree :
Nargis Datt
69. First lady honoured with Jnanapith in India :
Asha Poorna Devi
70. First woman holder of Asoka Chakra in India :
Niraj Bhanot
71. First woman chairman of UPSC in India :Rose Milian Bethew
72. First woman IAS officer of independent India :
Isha Basant Joshi
73. First woman IPS officer of India :
Kiran Bedi
74. First lady central cabinet minister of India :
Raj Kumari Amrithkaur
75. First Woman Foreign Secretary of India :
Chokila Aiyer(2001-02)
76. First woman governor of an Indian State :
Sarojini Naidu
77. First woman chief minister of independent India
Sucheta Kripalini (U.P)
78. First woman judge in Supreme Court in India :
Justice Fathima Beevi
79. First woman receiver of Bharat Ratna in India :
Mrs.Indira Gandhi
80. First woman receiver of Nobel Prize of India :
Mother Theresa
81. First woman Loksabha speaker of India :
Meira Kumar
82. First woman Prime Minister of India :
Indira Gandhi
83. First woman President of India :
Prathibha Patil
84. The first lady to become Cheif Justice of Kerala ?
Sujetha Manohar
85. The chairman of Rajyasabha :
Vice President Of India
86. What is known as the ‘Heart and soal’ of the Indian constitution :
Right to constitutional Remedy
87. The national flag code of India has taken effect from :
January 26,2002
89. Who was the first prime minister of India ?
Jawaharlal Nehru

The right to vote in Elections
Election Commission
Jammu and Kashmir
95. President�s Rule can be imposed in a State of India under which Article of Constitution of India ?
Article 356
96. Name the House among the following which is presided by a person who is not a Member of the House ?
Rajya Sabha
97. Constitution of India came into operation with effect from …….?
26th January, 1950
98. The Chairman of Rajya Sabha :
99. Vice-President of India is elected by ……?
100.Who was first muslim president of india :
101.The First Women Supreme Court Judge was :
Fatima Beevi
102.The Chairman of the Planning Commission of India is :
Prime Minister
103.Five Year Plans in India are approved by :
National Development Council(NDC)
104.The Raj Committee (1972) probed :
Agricultural holding Tax
105.Panchayat Raj has got constitutional status with the …….. Amendment Act.
106.Fundamental Rights are enshrined in PART…….. of Constitution of India.
part III
107.How many members can be nominated to Loksabha by President?
108. ………. was the First Chief Justice of India :Harilal J. Kania
109.Fundamental Duties of each citizen
Part IV (A) consists of Article 51A
110.Directive Principles of State Policy
Part IV – consists of Articles 36 – 51
111.Right to Constitutional Remedies
Articles 32-35
112.Right to Freedom
Articles 19 – 22
113.Right to Equality,
Articles 14 – 18
114.Fundamental Rights
Part III – consists of Articles 12 – 35
Part II – consists of Articles 5 – 11
116.The Union and its Territory
Part I – consists of Articles 1 – 4
117.Magna Carta : 1215
King John II of England was forced to sign a document in 1215 called Magna Carta.
118.The first President of India is ……?
Dr. Rajendra Prasad
119.Iron Lady of India is …….?
Indira Gandhi
120.The first acting president of india is ……?
V.V Giri
121.Public health and sanitation, under the constitution fall in ….. list:
State list
122.The article which gives special privileges to Jammu and Kashmir?
Article 370
123.World Human Right Day?
December 10
124.The first general election conducted in Independence India on?
125.The first Chief Election Commissioner of India?
Sukumar Sen
126.Who attend all the three round table conference?
Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

127.The author of the Book Republic?
128.The first five year plan was started in the year?
129.Communist manifesto written by?
Karl Marx
130.The first chair person of The National Women’s Commission?
Jayanthi Patnaik
131.Preamble of the Indian Constitution is borrowed from ……. Constitution.
132.Fundamental Rights which is a feature of the Constitution of India is borrowed from the Constitution of…….?
133.Fundamental duties is a feature borrowed from the Constitution of……?
134.India borrowed the Emergency Provisions of the Constitution from ……?
Weimar Constitution of Germany.
135.Writ which is issued by a court to prevent a person from holding an office to which he is not entitled .
Quo Warranto
136.A Writ which issued by a superior court commanding a public authority to do or forbear to do something in thenature of Public duty
137.A Candidate for the office of the President should have completed ….. years.
35 years.
138.The President can make a proclamation of financial emergency under …… Article
Article 360
139. 92nd Amendment added four new languages – to the ….. schedule of the Constitutio
8th schedule
140.Which Article enjoins the state to take steps for establishing a uniform civil code throughout the territory of India ?
Article 44.
141.National Emergency, under …… Article can be imposed any number of times.
Article 352
142.Who decides whether a bill is Money Bill or not?
Speaker of Lok Sabha
143.Who has the power to call a joint sitting of both the Loksabha and Rajya Sabha ?
The President
144.Controller and Auditor General of India is appointed by …….?
The President.

145.The Governor has the power to issue an ordinance under Article is …….?
Article 213.
146.Who is legally authorized to declare war or conclude peace ?
The President.
147.Which is regarded as the guardian of the Constitution of India?
Supreme Court of India
148.Which is the only state of India to have the Common Civil Code ?
149.The provisions regarding disqualification on grounds of defection is contained in ………Schedule?
10 Schedule
150.The Chairman of the Union Public Service Commission is appointed by …….?
The President
151.The Union List under Schedule VII of the Constitution consists of…… subjects.
152.Total number of official languages included in the VIII schedule of the Constitution at present ?
153.An example of unwritten constitution is …….?
154.Right to education is now made a Fundamental Right under Article is ……?
Article 21A.
155. …….of the Constitution provides for amendment of the Constitution.
Article 368
156. ….. provides for the appointment of an Election Commission to `superintend direct and control’ elections
Article 324
157.A judge of the Supreme Court shall hold office until he attains the age of ……?
65 years
158.A money bill can be introduced only in …….?
159.A person to be chosen as a member of the Loksabha should have completed …..of age.
25 years
160.Who is the present ex-officio Chairman of the RajyaSabha ?
Hameed Ansari
161.Who is the ex-officio Chairman of the Rajya Sabha ?
Vice President
162.The Attorney General of India is appointed by the president under ……Article of the Constitution of India.
Article 76
163.The Attorney General of India is appointed by …….. under Article 76 of the Constitution of India.                                                                                                   the President
164.No person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to the procedure established by law’.This protection is under ….. Article ?
Article 21
165.The Panchayats were given Constitutional status by ….. Amendment.
73rd Amendment
166.The State of Jammu and Kashmir was accorded special status under …… of the Constitution.
Article 370
167.The Constitution has vested the executive power of the Union Govt in the ……?
168.The Directive Principles of state policy are contained in ….. of the Constitution
Part IV
169.The Fundamental Duties of Citizens are contained in ….. of the Constitution.
Part IV A
170.Which state is the 28th state of the Indian Union
171.The Fundamental Rights of Indian Citizen’s are contained in …… of the Constitution?
Part III
172.Right to private property was dropped from the list of Fundamental Rights by the ….. Amendment?
44th Amendment
173.Which Article of the Constitution abolishes the practise of untouchability?
Article 17
174.A person can move the Supreme Court directly in the event of violation of Fundamental Rights under ……?
Article 32
175.For the enforcement of Fundamental Rights, the Supreme Court and the High Courts can issue ……?
176.The writ of …… issued to a person who has detained another person to bring that person before court and show authority for such detention.
Habeas Corpus
177.Fundamental Duties were incorporated in the Constitution by the …… Amendment?
42nd Amendment
178.The states were reorganized on linguistic basis in the year…..?
179.At present India consists of …..states and ….. Union Territories.?
28 states and 7 Union Territories.
180.The words Socialist and Secular were added to the Constitution by ….. Amendments ?
42nd Amendments
181.The Preamble to the Constitution declares India a ……,…….,……,…..?     SOVEREIGN, SOCIALIST, SECULAR, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC.
182.Who was Chairman of the Constituent Assembly ?
Dr. Rajendra Prasad
183.Who is regarded as the architect of the Indian Constitution ?
B R Ambedkar
184.How many schedules the Constitution of India contains ?
185.The Constitution of India at present contains …… Articles
186.The Constitution of India was adopted on ……?
26 November 1949
187.The Constitution of India came into force on ….?
26 January 1950.
188.Who was the Chairman of the Drafting Committee of the Constituent Assembly ?
B.R Ambedkar.
189.The first meeting of the Constituent Assembly of India was held on ……?
9th December 1946.
190.The communal representation was introduced in India by
Minto-Morley Reforms of 1909
191.The chairman of UPSC is appointed by the
192.The salary and perquisites of the Prime Minister of India is decided by
193.Election Commission of India was setup under the article of
Article 324
194.The Rajya Sabha must return all the money bill within
14 days
195.The life of Lok Sabha was raised 6 years at the time of emergency by
42nd amendment
196.Which article is known as the “Heart and Soul of the Constitution”
Article 40
197.The article 40 of the constitution relates to
Organisation of village and panchayat
198.Indian Constitution borrowed the amendment procedures from which of the following constitution?
South Africa
199.The Planning Commission of India is
an advisory body

200.India has ___ states
201.Our constitution was divided into ____ parts
202.The President of our constituent assembly was
Dr.Rajendra Prasad
203.Our constitution was adopted on
26 November 1949
204.The number of schedules our constitution has?
205.The number of articles our constitution contains is
206.The fundamental rights have been incorporated in part
207.Right to freedom guarantees
7 rights
208.Who represented India in world congress of Religions at Chicago in 1893?
Swami Vivekananda
209.The constitution of india came into force on
26 january 1950