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Kozhikode Disrict

Kozhikode Disrict

  • Malabar district  was divided into the districts of Kozhikode, Kannur, and Palakkad on 1 January 1957
  • Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama landed in Kappad in 1498.
  • Kadathanadu is a historic place known for Kalarippayattu.
  • Vadakara is known as the birthplace of Unniyarcha, Aromal Chekavar, Thacholi Othenan.
  • Lokanarkavu temple, near Vadakara in Kozhikode.
  • Zamorin kings of Kozhikode were also called Nediyiruppu Swaroopam.
  • Kozhikode is called ‘City of Spices’.
  • Indian Institute of Spices Research is in Kozhikode.
  • S.M. Street or Sweetmeat Street(മിഠായി തെരുവ്) is a street located in Kozhikode.
  • Canoly canal was constructed in the year 1848 under the orders of then collector of Malabar, H.V. Conolly.
  • The Kuttiyadi Hydro Electric Power Project in Kuttiyadi River is the first hydroelectric project in Malabar region.
  • Kuttiyadi river is known as Yellow river of Kerala.
  • Chaliyar is the fourth longest river in Kerala with 169 km in length. Also known as Chulika River or Beypore River.
  • Tipu Sultan, ruler of Mysore, named Beypore as “Sultan Pattanam”.
  • Beypore port is the second biggest port in Kerala after Cochin.
  • Beypore Sultan – Basheer
  • Thusharigiri Falls and Aripara Falls are located in Kozhikode district.Thusharagiri_water_falls
  • Kakkayam Dam and Peruvannamuzhi Dam located in Kozhikode district.
  • There is a crocodile farm and a bird sanctuary at Peruvannamuzhi.
  • Malabar Wildlife Sanctuary at Kozhikode.
  • Dolphin Point at Kozhikode.
  • Kozhikode district leads in coconut production in Kerala
  • The first coconut Industrial Park in Kerala -Kuttiyadi
  • Operation Sulaimani : Programme in Kozhikode district that provides food for those who cannot afford a meal, through contributions from the public.
  • Vasco-da-Gama memorial at Kappad beach.
  • Kunjali Marakkar Memorial erected by the Indian navy at Kottakkal, Vadakara
  • Pazhassi museum in Kozhikode.Pazhassiraja_Museum_Kozhikode_Calicut_10318
    • Thali temple famous for Revathi pattathanam in olden days is in Kozhikode.Thali_Temple,_Malabar_District
    • Mahatma Gandhi made his first speech in Kerala at Calcut during his visit in 1920 to get support for Khilafat movement.
    • S. K. Pottekkatt beautifully depicts Mukkam of Kozhikode in his 1941 novel Naadan Premam.
    • S. K. Pottekkatt’s novel Oru Theruvinte Katha is based on Mittayi theruvu.
    • KIRTADS(Kerala Institute for Research, Training and Development Studies of Scheduled Castes and Tribes) was established in Kozhikode in 1972.
    • NIRDESH-National Institute for Research and Development in Defence Shipbuilding is India’s first centre for research and development in defence shipbuilding is at Chaliyam in Kozhikode.
    • Gwalior Rayons at Mavoor in Kozhikode.
    • Nallalam Diesel Power Plant is the second largest diesel power plant in Asia.
    • Payyoli Express – PT Usha
    • Usha School of Athletics at Koyilandy
    • Kadalundi train disaster in the year- 2001
    • First community reserve in Kerala- Kadalundi
    • Kallayi in Kozhikode is famous for timber trading.
    • Feroke is known as the cradle of the tile industry in Kerala
    • First Women Police Station in Asia was started in Kozhikode in 1973
    • First cola free district in Kerala -Kozhikode
    • First museum of Indian business history at Kozhikode
    • First complete organ donating village – Cherukulathur
    • First ISO certified police station in Kerala-Kozhikode town police station.
    • First 3G phone service city in Kerala-Kozhikode
    • First Sports Medicine Institute in Kerala – Kozhikode
    • Kozhikode is first e-literate city in Kerala
    • Kerala’s first Handicrafts Village located at Iringal 
    • Calicut University is first university to have WiFi campus in Kerala
    • Mananchira Square is a popular place in Kozhikode.
    • Student Police Cadet (SPC) first introduced in Kozhikode.
    • India’s first ever Gender Park at Vellimadu kunnu in Kozhikode.
    • Kozhikode is the first plastic waste free district in India.
    • First Khadi Village in Kerala – Balussery
    • First gramapanchayat in Kerala to issue water card- Kunnamangalam
    • Malabar’s first IT park – UL CyberPark, Kozhikode
    • First tobacco-free village in India – Koolimadu,Kozhikode
    • India’s first first automated driving test centre – Chevayur, Kozhikode
    • India’s first IT co-operative , UL Cyber Park is in Kozhikode

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